The New HD-1 Professional HDMI Extender from Transformative Engineering

The “Omni- HDMI Extender” incorporates every current HDMI Feature, including 1.4a-exclusives like 3-D, 10/100T Ethernet Channel (HEC), Audio Return Channel (ARC), and 4K x 2K Support. This is the first HDMI Extender to offer all HDMI 1.4a Features. In addition, we are proud to offer features not available elsewhere, including built in 3-way Ethernet Switch, Fully Active (9-pin) RS-232 Control, multiple IR brand compatibility, TOSLINK™ Audio Output, and One Power Supply for ease of installation.

Our manufacturing facility is monitored by our personnel to insure the highest level of performance, quality, and reliability. The result is products that you can be proud to sell, install and show to your clients.

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