When you simply need a reliable High Definion video connection and analog devices are involved, we have the affordable solution that’s built to perform. Our CVB-1 converts Analog Video (component, YPbPr, YUV, etc.) onto CAT/5 or be/er UTP cable for extended runs of up to 300 feet at 1080i resolution. In addition, we also include IR-Pass Thru connection on an industry standard mini-jack!

This Component Video Balun incorporates the highest quality conversion transformers; housed in a shielded, steel enclosure with integrated mounting flanges. And with a footprint of just 2” x 21/4” x 1” including the mounting tabs, good things really do come in small packages.


Component Video Balun


Product Highlights

  • Highest quality transformers

  • Computer-Grade circuit board

  • Durable Shielded steel enclosure

  • Industry-standard IR mini jack

  • Integrated steel mounting flanges

  • High Quality CAT/5 connector

  • Ultra-Compact size


Product Specifications


Component Video red, green, and blue RCA (male) type connectors (3)
2-Conductor, 1/8” mini-jack (female) for IR Pass-Thru (1)
RJ-45 Jack for UTP Connection (1)

Case Style:

Stamped stainless steel, shielded and grounded


300MHz, +/- 3dB


IR Passive rated for 65Volts AC or DC @ 1.5Amps


3 Years Parts and Labor


(2) CVB-1 units per box (matched pair)

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