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Stop by Booth 2523 at CEDIA 2016 to Check Out our Brand new HDU-1, installer inspired SB-2, 4K problem solving HDC-2 and MORE!!



HLE-1S HDBaseT Lite HDMI Extender:

Our new HLE-1S u/lizes the latest version of HDBaseT.
“HDBaseT Class B” for HDMI extension up 70m at 1080p/40m at UHD-4K, along with bi-directional IR over a single CAT5e or Cat6. And now it can be powered from either Tx or Rx!
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HDC-2 4K HDMI Conditioner:

A cost effective, firmware upgradable, one in / one out UHD/4K 18g conditoner with full HDCP Security and EDID Protocol Integrity.
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HDU-1 Collaborative Solution:

At last…an affordable solution for collaborating with your entire team, whether around the conference table, class room,huddle space, or across the world.
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HDM-4X2 HDMI Matrix Switch:

With 4 HDMI inputs, an HDMI output for a local display, a discrete HDBaseT output and matched HDBaseT receiver for a remote loca/on, and analog audio extrac/on; the HDM-4X2 is the perfect core for a smaller Audio/Video distribu/on system.
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Yes, the SB-2 is here!!! 2 stereo pair of analog audio extended over 1 Cat5e/6/6a cable. The highest quality transformers convert the inputs to Balanced audio between the baluns, virtually eliminating ingress and egress while reaching incredible distances.
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