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“Introducing Transformative Engineering’s PSB-1 Balun for Voice Assistant “


Voice Assistant devices are here to stay and Transformative Engineering has developed an elegant interface that integrates your clients’ Voice Assistant device into their new or existing AV system.

Audio, IR, and even Power… over just one wire!

The audio transformers used in the PSB-1 balun set are high-quality, audiophile-grade and will provide exceptional audio reproduction. In addition, the PSB-1 extends up to 5.2 VDC power and an IR pass-through over inexpensive Category cable.  When integrating the PSB-1, one can install the Voice Assistant device up to 100 meters away from the equipment rack and still maintain audio signal, voltage, and IR.

The PSB-1 baluns are sold in pairs and must be used in pairs.  These are directional devices with one balun designated “device” and the other balun designated “amplifier”.  The PSB-1 “amplifier” balun requires the use of the power supply and USB cable provided with the Voice Assistant. The ‘device” balun is then connected via the included USB-micro cable to the Voice Assistant, making for a much cleaner installation with no wall-wart at the VA device location.

TE also provides the stereo and stereo-mini cables often needed to complete the installation.  The PSB-1 pair is connected via a CAT5e or CAT6 cable, terminated in T568B with RJ45 connectors, between the two baluns.

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“Introducing Transformative Engineering’s HDS-12AVR, 1 Input – 2 Output HD and UHD4K Solution “





With the advent of the newest Ultra High Definition (“4K”) displays and sources, the latest version of High Definition Copyright Protection (“HDCP”) management was unveiled. For those end-users who have an older, non-HDCP2.2 compliant AVR or AV processor, this presents a major problem.

In order to take full advantage of the video capabilities of a new 4K display and to hear all of the high-level HDMI-only Surround Sound formats such as Dolby True HD and DTS-Master,
the only solution until now would be to replace the older AVR or Audio/Video Processor with a new version that is HDCP 2.2 compatible. In smaller systems, that is not a major issue. In
larger, audiophile grade installations, replacing a very expensive processor with another very expensive processor is not always an appealing option.

The HDS-12AVR solves this by allowing one HDCP 2.2/ full 4K source to be sent directly to the new UHD 4K display, while directing any and all available HDMI Audio streams to the existing Surround Decoder. The HDS-12AVR handles all full 4K formats including 60Hz refresh rate at 4:4:4 color space for a full 18.2Gbps bandwidth. The Audio-Only HDMI output is managed as an HDMI1.4 HDCP 1.4 source with 720p MUTED video, in order to conform with anti-copy rules.

As with all Transformative Engineering products, we have created a solution in an effective, innovative and reliable way.




“Introducing Transformative Engineering’s HDS-42AVR HDMI Switcher “


“Connect Your Previous Generation AVR/Processor and Watch UHD4K on Your New TV ”

“The HDS-42AVR incorporates many advanced technologies to accomplish switching and distribution of (4) High Definition MultiMedia Interface (HDMI) Ultra High Definition (“4K”) sources to two outputs. ”

“One output is a full-resolution and original format video presentation of your selected input. The second output is designed to present full audio formats of your selected input, but without video. In addition, this audio signal, carried over HDMI, is presented with High Definition Copyright Protection (HDCP) and HDMI versions that will allow connection to a previous generation audio/video processor or receiver capable of handling HDMI 1.2 through 1.4 with HDCP 1.4.”

“The application design for this product is to allow multiple (up to four) HDMI 2.0 sources utilizing HDCP 2.2 to be fully enjoyed with a current UHD (“4K”) display capable of handling HDCP 2.2, while transferring the audio only portion of the source to your Audio playback system, which is not capable of handling the HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 signals. Without this device, you would not be able to listen to the higher-level audio streams such as Dolby True HD and DTS-X, which are only available from the HDMI signal path. In fact, attempting to connect any HDMI 2.0 signal (audio or video) into your older receiver/processor will yield no output to your display or speakers. ”

“Until now, the only solution would have been to replace your audio/video processor/receiver. ”

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