HD-1 Professional HDMI Extender

Continuing upon our remarkable “Omni-Balun” product’s design philosophy, our newest creation, the “Omni-HDMI Extender” incorporates every current HDMI Feature, including 1.4a-exclusives like 3-D, 10/100T Ethernet Channel (HEC), Audio Return Channel (ARC), and 4K x 2K Support. This is the first HDMI Extender to offer all HDMI 1.4a Features. In addition, we are proud to offer features not available elsewhere, including built-in 3-way Ethernet Switch, Fully Active (9-pin) RS-232 Control, multiple IR brand compatibility, TOSLINK™ Audio Output, and One Power Supply for ease of installation.

Designing the HD-1 began with application driven requirements from our own Installation Team, followed by our Engineering Department’s development and testing. Our manufacturing facility is monitored by our personnel to insure the highest level of performance, quality, and reliability. The result is products that you can be proud to sell, install and show to your clients. When was the last time an “accessory” became a source of pride for you and your clients? That time is now, and Transformative Engineering is proud to bring it to you.

The Complete HDMI Extender Solution


Product Highlights

  • Only One Single UTP (CAT5e/CAT6) Cable necessary
  • Powered via one (supplied) 24V Power Supply
  • Audio Return Channel (ARC) backwards compatibility via TOSLINK ™ Digital Audio Output
  • Full Function (9-pin active) RS-232 Control Extension
  • Diagnostic Indicator Lights for monitoring performance and operation
  • Highest Quality Extruded Aluminum case for cooling, shielding, and safety
  • IR Bi-Directional Pass-Thru with Power Option. We give you the choice of pure-pass IR or Powered Pickup System at either end. Compatible with industry-standard products. Optional adapters available for non-standard configurations.
  • Built-In 3-Port Ethernet Switch at each end
  • Solid Performance at 100 Meters (330 Feet) at 1080p with all functions
  • Fully Automatic Cable length compensation. No Dials or Switches needed.
  • Three (3) Year Warranty

Product Specifications

Input Signal:

HDMI Version 1.0 thru 1.4a
Ethernet (10/100T) X 3
IR Signal – Pass Thru (Xantech
IR Powered Pickup – Ring (Ground),
Tip (Signal), Sleeve (+12VDC)
RS232 – 9-Pin Fully Active
TOSLINK (For Audio Return)

Video Formats Supported:


Audio Formats Supported:

All HDMI Supported Formats, including DTS-HD,Dolby-HD, DVD-A, Dolby True-HD, 8-CH LPCM

Output Signal:

HDMI Version 1.0 thru 1.4a
Ethernet (10/100T) X 3
IR Signal – Pass Thru (Xantech
RS232 – 9-Pin Fully Active
TOSLINK (Digital Audio Out)

Maximum Distance (with CAT6)

100 Meters (330 Feet), @ 1080p,
Greater distances at lesser resolutions

Power Supply (included):

24VDC, 1A

Dimensions (each):

5.9” W x 3.75” H (with connector) x 1.1″ D


1.25 lbs (each)

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price


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