HDC-2 HDMI Conditioner

Despite the absence of buttons, dials, and dipswitches; the HDC-2 is a powerful problem solver. Our 4K Conditioner is designed to stabilize and correct HDMI signals that may have been compromised by nonconforming HDMI devices. Many HDMI products may not present a signal with correct EDID, “handshake”, or HDCP protocols.

As a result, you may experience intermitent or unsatisfactory display. We recognize that and solve most of these issues by establishing
a proper “handshake” at the input to this device (with your source) so that your display will operate reliably.

This Conditioner supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) and HEC (Home Ethernet Connection). The HDC-2 supports 3D, HDMI 2.0, Deep Color, xV Color, and High Speed transmissions, as well as all current HDMI Audio Formats. It is powered by an included 5V Power Supply. In addition, we provide a USB port for future firmware updates.


Stabilizes and Corrects HDMI



Product Highlights

  • Filters and Conditions Poor/Compromised HDMI Signals
  • Ensures Communication of Proper EDID and HDCP Protocol Between Devices
  • No Set-Up Required
  • Three (3) Year Warranty

Included In Kit:

(1) HDC-2 HDMI Conditioner

(1) 5V Power Supply

Product Specifications


HDMI (1)


HDMI (1) ARC, HEC, Stabilization Circuit – 3D, Hi Speed, xV Color, HDCP 1.4 – 2.2 , 18Gbps Full 4K


5V DC, .5A Power Supply included


Stamped Steel


3 Years Parts & Labor

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price



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