Omni-Balun Extender Delivers Analog Video, Analog & Digital Stereo, and IR Connections out to 300 Feet

ob1_rj45side_72Transformative Engineering, a new company devoted to improving the audio/video interface for custom installers and systems integrators, has introduced its OB-1 Omni-Balun video, audio, and IR cable extender.  Each OB-1 has connections for component- or composite-video, digital or analog stereo, and IR remote signals with a range of up to 300 feet while maintaining 1080i video resolution.

The Transformative Engineering (T-E) OB-1 uses inexpensive CAT5e/CAT6 networking cable to span the distances between two remotely located OB-1 devices. Each OB-1 Omni-Balun has multiple internal baluns (balanced-to-unbalanced transformers), connections for component video, composite video, analog stereo audio, coaxial digital stereo audio, two RJ-45 network connectors, and two IR pass-through connections with a removable connector.