T-E Introduces HD-1 HDMI Extender

hd1_transmitter_top_72Transformative Engineering, a new company devoted to improving the audio/video interface for custom installers and systems integrators, has introduced its HD–1 Professional HDMI Extender, which expands the range of an HDMI cable connection from its typical 30-foot maximum to well over 300 feet using inexpensive CAT5e/CAT6 cables. This will allow projectors and other HDMI devices to be located far from their sources with no loss of picture resolution or HDMI functions such as 3D and Audio Return Channel, while providing up to 4k x 2k resolution.

In addition to a full HDMI interface, the Transformative Engineering HD-1 also supports a TOSLINK digital audio output, infrared bi-directional remote control pass-thru, three-port 10/100T Ethernet connections, and a full function RS-232 extension.