T-E Introduces World’s First HDMI Conditioner/Splitter

hds12_angle_72Transformative Engineering has introduced the world’s first HDMI Conditioner/Splitter, a new type of device that is designed to resolve HDMI component and cable interface issues, and also to simplify the connection of multiple displays to a single source.

The Transformative Engineering two-way HDS-12 and four-way HDS-14 both incorporate T-E’s exclusive “HDCP Stabilization” circuitry to provide a solution for troublesome HDCP reliability issues when used with certain audio/video components, displays and cable boxes.  Known as a difficult protocol for long-length connectivity, HDMI can sometimes be unreliable if strict guidelines are not followed.   The HDMI Conditioner function of these devices works to “clean up” unstable HDCP identifier markers to allow for consistent display of High Definition signals and compliance with the most advanced HDMI specifications.