T-E Expands the Envelope of HDBase-T Capabilities

hd1improved_rcvr_top-r2_72Transformative Engineering has introduced the next-gen implementation of HDBase-T technology that will provide custom installers with greatly improved audio/video/data distribution capabilities, including the first (ever)use of simultaneous ARC (Audio Return Channel) and HEC (Home Ethernet Connection). This will allow audio signals to be sent back from a TV to a receiver and connection of the home internet connection at the TV over the same HDMI cable. These new models also support Power Over HDBase-T (POH) capabilities that eliminate the need for separate power supplies at the receiver module and provide the ability to remotely power ancillary equipment.

These technologies will be used in the company’s new HD-1 Improved HDMI extender and will be selectively applied to the new QX-4 Matrix Switcher, which offers 4 x 4 (expandable to 8 x 8) matrix switching.