HDC-11 HDMI Conditioner

There’s a lot more going on inside this little device than a quick glance will indicate! Our HDMI Conditi­oner is designed to stabilize and correct HDMI signals that may have been compromised by nonconforming HDMI devices. Many HDMI products may not present a signal with correct EDID, “handshake”, or HDCP protocols. As a result, you may experience intermittent or unsatisfactory display. We recognize that and solve most of these issues by establishing a proper “handshake” at the input to this device (with your source) so that your display will operate reliably.

This Conditi­oner supports ARC (Audio Return Channel) and HEC (Home Ethernet Connec­tion). The HDC-11 supports 3D, 2K x 4K, Deep Color, xV Color, and High Speed transmissions, as well as all current HDMI Audio Formats. It is powered by an included 5V Power Supply. In additi­on, we provide a USB port for future firmware updates.

Stabilizes and Corrects HDMI


Product Specifications

HDMI (1)

HDMI (1)
ARC, HEC, Stabiliza­on Circuit – 3D, 2Kx4K, Hi Speed, xV Color

5V DC, .5A Power Supply included

Stamped Steel

3 Years Parts & Labor

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price


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